About Us

Who We Are


Matus Fund is a refreshingly different digital investment and asset management boutique, creating and driving opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency trading, forex trading and digital asset managements. We are dedicated to generating value by providing client focused, innovative and comprehensive solutions to property investments.

Matus Fund as a global platform for international business and investments and as an internationalized and competitive economy. We provide information services, advice and support for industrial and financial investors with an eye on the global market.

We invest across five continents

At Matus Fund, we provide you with free-of-charge consultancy services to make sure you get all the information you need for your investment project. The people of Matus Fund are known to be perseverant, open and, above all, friendly. We are a leading international company committed to sustainable mobility and energy with strong technical expertise.

We offer financial solutions for the international market with only the client in mind. Our mission is simple; to offer our clients the expert advice they need to put their money in the right place, at the right time. Matus Fund is associated with some of the market-leading investment and money management firms. Because of this, our clients can be sure they have access to the best investment solutions.

Our values define us, both individually and as a company. we put all our human and technological resources at your disposal free of charge.